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Who Do You Say I Am?

‘Who do you say I am?

This question has been burning on my heart for a while now but it’s been a struggle to commit myself to thinking about it and reflecting on what God is trying to bright to light...

Maybe it’s because I don’t know if I know God well enough?

Maybe it’s because I care too much about what people think about me and I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes?

Maybe it’s because it requires me to fully commit to the pursuit of knowing Him more than what I do now?

Maybe it’s because it requires me to admit that I too have got comfortable with the image I have of God that it has hindered me from seeing Him the way He wants me to see Him- in the fullness and beauty of Who He is?

Maybe it’s a collection a lot of things...

Regardless of why I kept putting it off- I really believe that it’s the cry of our Father for us to know Him for ourselves. He doesn’t want us to merely know about Him based off what we’ve heard but He wants us to come into a personal, intimate relationship with Him.

Where we are in constant, unbroken fellowship with Him A lot of us our falling into error and deception because we’ve never had a personal encounter with the One we are trying to walk with.

We are simply trying to run with other people’s revelation and experiences but that’s not enough to get us through the storms. It’s the personal revealed knowledge of God that keeps us grounded when everything comes against us and tries to throw us off course.

It’s the personal revealed knowledge of God that will keep us going when it seems like our whole world is against us and no one seems to be supporting us.

It’s the personal revealed knowledge of God that gives us life, hope and gives us ammunition against the enemy’s lies he tries to drown us in! It’s the Word we have hidden in our hearts that will give us the strength to stand when we feel helpless.

It’s a personal relationship with God that will grace us with enough strength to stand the test of time More than ever the height of deception is increasing and is even seeping into churches. But it’s the ones who know their God that will be strong and do exploits.

We can’t survive off regurgitated meals we are simply taking in what someone has chewed up and spat out! It’s time to want to know God for ourselves- not for ministry or for fame or fortune- but for the sole purpose of knowing the One our hearts seek for, living for Him and taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

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