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We are Come Out of Hiding: The Lighthouse Network, a group of leaders and creatives in the community seeking to raise up and guide the next generation of innovators and trailblazers. Our service is for 5–30 year-olds and their families in Lewisham, Greenwich and neighbouring boroughs.

Who We Are

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  • Our Mission
    We exist to raise up leaders who are whole: spirit, soul and body and change the trajectory for communities and generations to come. We provide a holistic approach based service that is tailored to nurture, equip and empower 11-30 year olds and their families in Lewisham, Greenwich and neighbouring boroughs to be world changers.
  • Our Aims
    Amongst the challenges young people and their families face, we exist to eradicate: Spiritual Apathy Mental Health Difficulties Isolation and Loneliness Unemployment Food Insecurity and Deprivation
  • Our Offering
    Offering ourselves as light bearers to serve the ones coming after us following the example of Jesus and providing environments where others can grow and develop in the faith Offering a safe space for young people to be heard, understood and given the tools to create positive mental health and have positive lives Offering a community environment where young people can develop social skills and make meaningful connections Offering a bespoke mentorship programme where young people can gain knowledge, experience and skills for the desired career pathway Offering short term food aid in the form of food parcel vouchers and also financial advice to eradicate the long term effects
  • Our Programmes
    ​Community Matters (Outreach to the Community): Open House Undivided Christmas Outreach Release Sessions COOH's Birthday ​ The Lighthouse Network Community (TLN: holistically nurturing, raising, equipping and empowering leaders between the ages of 16-30 with the tools they need to thrive in and through the transition to adulthood within the context of the community) Mentorship Hub Nights Release Support Groups Elevate Workshops Steps Programme
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