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Rise Up

Are you tired of crying?

Are you tired of weeping?

Are you tired...

What happened to the drive in you?

When did the fire in your eyes go out? What happened to the fighter in you?

When did you give up and surrender defeat?

Don’t let them deceive you! There is a fighter in you!

Don’t let them kill the giant in you!

You've been through hell and back You almost didn't make it

But you did

So don't let them have it Don't let them say we've got him/her!

Don't let the the fire in your eyes go out Don't let your drive wear out

Don't give up and surrender defeat

You fell, You cried,

You wept, You broke down

But You got up

So don't you dare stop fighting now! You’ve got so much left in you!

There is too much at stake for you to give up now! Don’t give up and throw in the towel, don't give in you're nearly there...

It’s time to rise up It’s time to arise and shine

It’s time for us to contend for what is ours! It’s time for us to take possession of our inheritance!

No satan not today, not tomorrow or any other day!

We are the army God is rising up and you are no match for Who we carry on our insides!

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