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Obedience Is A Sacrifice

The Word says obedience is better than sacrifice but sometimes the obedience is the sacrifice!

I sit hear writing about obedience but it’s taking me more than a week to finally obey God and write this post!

But why did it take me so long? What hindered me from obeying?

To be honest it’s a bit long.

When I write it’s like a layer is being stripped off me and I’m left feeling vulnerable, naked and open to attack...

But recently this word has been persistently on my heart...

It’s like everywhere I go I hear it, I see it or someone is talking about it...


But why is it so important?

What makes it so significant?

Well I guess it’s one of the things that hinder us in our relationships with God because trust me you can’t disobey God and think you can be home boys it doesn’t work like that.

Obedience and submission work hand in hand and we have been called to live a life of complete surrender to God- now that is the sacrifice...

Our flesh cries out because sometimes it even physically hurts to obey God because it goes against everything we are wired to do.

Our spirits are singing yes but our flesh is crying out no!

Our spirits know we need to do what we know to do but our flesh wants to operate based on how we feel!

Our spirits hunger and thirst and cry out for the One our hearts long for but our flesh also hungers and thirsts for the pride of life and everything lustful!

‘The one you submit your members to is lord over you...’

The question is who is lord over your life?

O B E D I E N C E to the One Who gave it all so we can have it all will cost us everything, we will have to deny our flesh of everything thing it craves for, we might have to say no sometimes to what everyone else maybe saying yes to...

So the real question here is are you ready to die so you can truly live?

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