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He Wants Us All

The more I study the Word the more I’m understanding the heart of our Father. He extended the invitation of salvation to us all, the gift of grace was given to ALL who believe. The words used in the Bible are so specific it could have been some or a certain few or simply the Jews but no our God wants us all. Every single one of us- regardless of the colour of our skin, regardless of our ethnicity, regardless of our flaws and shortcomings, regardless of our weaknesses, regardless of our past, regardless of what we are currently dealing with and regardless of people’s opinion of us! He sent His Son to die for us all so we are all welcome to come into a personal relationship with Him. Our God is not an arbitrary God. He’s not about exclusion His very nature is Love and that’s the very nature He has made us in. Christ should be our example He spoke to any and everyone regardless of whether they were tagged as notorious sinners or tax collectors. He reached out to those that society had labelled as nuisances and outcasts and were close to the broken-hearted and those that were hurting. In the same way Paul, became all things to all men so that they may be saved- no he didn’t go into the world and loose himself, he always knew who he was but he was the light everywhere he went. Every loss he encountered he considered it as a gain for Christ.

In essence what am I trying to say?This relationship with God is not excluded to the perfect ones who always get it right because trust me I would not have made the cut. I am anything but perfect but everyday I wake up and I decide I’m going to continue to live for Christ. No one else has ever fully accepted me for who I am except except Him. He included me when I felt excluded, alone, abandoned and rejected. He invited me into His Love and from the day I accepted His invitation it’s been a journey. Everyday is a battle, some days I’m ready to pack my bags and give up like today I got rejected by a job even without an interview which made me think I could have saved my money on Tfl God knows I need all the money I can get but I’m so deep in His Love that I am just able to find enough strength in Him to go on ❤

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