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Happy New Year

Last year was such a hard year but regardless of everything that was thrown at this vision by God’s Grace we are still standing there were so many lows but there were so many highs as well and every part of the journey there were lessons learnt eventually lol I’m grateful to God for seeing this vision to where it is now from a dream seed to a two years plus baby and I’m excited for what’s next

Sometimes it’s easy to loose sight of the vision especially when everything around you is a contradiction to what God has promised but it is the Word that you have hidden in your heart, the vision you have written down and made plain and the people that God has surrounded you with that will keep you grounded

My brother reminded me yesterday of the weight COOH carries in the Body and the message God is trying to showcase through this vision!

COOH is all about letting people know about the freedom they have in Christ! The blood of Jesus sets us free from every form of guilt, shame and condemnation! And so in speaking out and sharing our testimonies we overcome and step out of the darkness, out of the lies and deception the enemy has sold us, out of everything that has hindered us and held us back and we step into His marvellous light and we walk into the freedom He has made available to us! There’s so much grace for freedom in Him! It’s all about knowing Him and that’s my desire for each and everyone of us that we progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with God, perceiving and recognising and understanding the wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly

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