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The Battlefield Of The Mind

What am I listening to?

What am I watching?

What conversations am I indulging in?

What am I speaking over myself?

What am I meditating on?

What am I feeding my mind?

What thoughts am I entertaining?

This year more than ever I’ve understood the importance of guarding my gates.

What are our gates?

These are our eyes, our ears and our hearts- parts of us that give access to the thoughts that can end up infiltrating our minds.

For as a man thinks in his heart so is he.

Therefore as a guard of our gates we can’t let anything in that will corrupt what is on the inside of us.

So what does this look like in reality?

It means intentionally and consciously being cautious about what we watch, what we listen to and meditate on, what conversations we indulge in and what we are speaking over ourselves.

We have to come to a place where we realise that the Holy Spirit lives in us and in order to host Him well we have to know what He likes and what He doesn’t like- what pleases Him and what grieves Him. He has come to make His permanent abode in our hearts.

We have to come to a place where we are ready guard our salvation jealously. The enemy is using different tactics to deceive us into being defeated in our minds when he’s already been defeated 2000 years ago we just need to be ready to combat every lie of his with the Truth!

“Be well balanced (temperate, sober of mind), be vigilant and cautious at all times; for that enemy of yours, the devil, roams around like a lion roaring [in fierce hunger], seeking someone to seize upon and devour. Withstand him; be firm in faith [against his onset–rooted, established, strong, immovable, and determined], knowing that the same (identical) sufferings are appointed to your brotherhood (the whole body of Christians) throughout the world.”

‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭5:8-9‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

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