'We are light bearers lighting up the world, one future leader at a time. Even out of the darkness light still shines…’


We are a family community of light bearers who have been called out of the darkness and out of hiding into Abba’s marvellous light. We are on a journey to wholeness with Him, individually and collectively. In knowing Him for ourselves, we have understood that we have a mandate to share this light He has placed in us with the world around us. 



‘As long as the darkness still exists and there is a future leader who is struggling spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically our work is far from over…’


We exist as a lighthouse community to use our gifts, talents and skills to serve our community by nurturing, empowering, equipping and raising up the next generation of leaders. Leaders who are light bearers and who are whole: spirit, soul and body, who will go on to do the same. 



‘We are light bearers commissioned to infiltrate and saturate every environment we are privileged to step into with the Light of God…’


We work in partnership to offer a holistic-approach service that is tailored to meeting the spiritual, mental and emotional (soul) and physical needs of every future leader that has access to our services. 


We execute this mission through two different ways: Community Matters and The Lighthouse Network Community. This is about putting our love in action and following the example of Jesus Christ’ life on earth. Our ultimate purpose is to win souls for Christ: nurture, disciple, equip and empower them too, to become fishers of men. 


Community Matters

Community Matters is our outreach services that serve the different communities we have access to starting with Southeast London, England, UK, Europe, Africa and eventually worldwide. 

Our outreach services involve our mental health and wellbeing support services (Release); our weekly family drop in sessions and delivery services (Open House); our virtual encouragement platforms (Unveil); our weekly fellowship sessions (Safe Space and Hub Nights), our annual community day out (Undivided) and our rehabilitation centre (The Lighthouse).

The Lighthouse Network Community

We have a mission to raise up the next generation of leaders who are whole: spirit, soul and body and so this arm focuses on the equipping, empowering and nurturing of these future leaders. Under this arm, we run a mentorship programme called STEPs which is an after-care provision for the transition to the ‘adult world’. The STEPs mentorship programme is tailored specifically for 16-30 year olds who are often forgotten and neglected with no sense of purpose, direction or are in need of guidance to get to their proposed destination. We have a curriculum that is focused on developing these future leaders in a holistic way with the aim of wholeness: spirit, soul and body. We have a range of mentors from the different sectors and industries who will walk alongside these future leaders for a minimum of a year. We exist to change the narrative of young people amounting to anything less than who God has called them to be.

come out of hiding!

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Come Out of Hiding

Come out of Hiding Ministries Presents: 'Come out of Hiding'. Come out of hiding- you are safe now; you are safe here; there's no judgement here. We are all going through a process, gradually becoming more like Christ who's image and likeness we were made to reflect in the first place! And we all have our daily battles, our daily struggles and we don't have to act like we have everything together.


Come Out Of Hiding Ministries Presents: 'UNASHAMED' because we are standing unashamed- without guilt, embarrassment or shame! We are not seeking approval from man anymore- 'We often "murder" God's plan for our life in order to get or keep the approval of others' but we are done doing that! Even if people are not cheering us on, heaven is and that is more than enough for us!


Come out of Hiding Ministries Presents: 'Unmasked' because we are taking off every mask and false identity we have put on to blend in and cover up. 'Religion says, "Don't let them see the real you, hide behind a mask and cover your flaws. Relationship says, "I see you for all that you are and I still love you. You don't have to hide or seek man's approval anymore."Tiffany Langford'